Friday, December 01, 2006

A bit of a bait..

This is a lad who is getting quite frustrated with me.. ;) I can't imagine why! Can you suggest what I might be doing wrong? I will post a bit of our discussion here. My text will be this color, and the scammers text will be this color. I'll indent my text, too.

I would love to help you?

I already pay US5,400 fees to Charles Soludo this why you contact me yes or no?

English is not my first language, sorry.

I'm sorry but i don't know Charles Soludo.
We are from Ivory Coast we never know Charles soludo.We(me and my sister) are french speaker but,we learnt english in the past english and spanish at school.Please help us.Here is our number please call us so that you could know that we are in Ivory Coast(cote d'ivoire).S'il vous plait,ici nous parlons le fran├žais.

Thank you very much,

Looking forward heard you very soon,

ok, it sound good. now what? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
Hi dearest madam Helling,

I thank you for your knid reply.May GOD blessed you and your family.

In fact,if i don't write you back it dues to what i told you.A person named Emmott use to write me.So i think that you're the same person that's why i ask you to bring me your picture but untill now,nothing.I'm very disappointed because this person doesn't regard me as humain been.How can i trust to another who has the same email address like yours?
You see,it not easy for me instead of tell me truth,he still insult me,tell me none sense.

So mum,if you're ready to help me bring me your picture before to see you serious because i'm faced hell here and i will send you mine and also give you the contacts of the compagny so that you could call them to see what you should do to help me.
I want to quitt this my country which seing the political situation as myself has not future.
I'm orphan,African orphan situation is too different from yours.

As soon as you receive this message,do what i ask you to show your heart.Do you remember what you told me before in your last response sent to me?Please mum,be honnest i tell me true are you the same Emmott or not? Everything we're doing,we should know that GOD is above and watcth us.

Have a good day and i espect you will write me back very soon,

ok what is mean by this " knid reply.May GOD blessed you and your family. In fact,if i don't write you back it dues to what i told you.A person named Emmott use to write me.So i think that you're the same person that's why i ask you to bring me your pict" please explain what this mean?
Dearest madam,

Since i receive your first reply,different persons starting by miles,emmott ...write me back.Some insult me at moment and diseappear.So,i think you are the same person :

I said you that i'm never heard about Charles soludo,i do not know him and i give you a number in what
you could call me to verify.You don't call me ,you don't write me untill now and i was very very discouraged. Madam,today my house owner sent me away because i don't pay him his money and ligth and water bils(about 1000 Euro about 700.000francs cfa) and i'm oblige to wander to live because no job ,no parent at all.Now,i live in the market with the market guards.

Mum if,you are not the same persons,i'm very sorry but it is because after your first reply those persons contact me.I'm not also english speaker i speak french.
Mum,please i beg you try to see what you can do for me because i'm alone and my parents love miss me.

GOD keep you in safe,looking forward to heard you,

probably i can do, ja? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
Dearest madam,

I would like to know what you can efford to do for me now.

Thank you very much and GOD bless you.

SO WHAT I NEED DO NOW? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
I have no idea why I keep telling him I can't speaka da French ;) But I'm trying to say as little as possible, so I figure why not.

Dearest mum,

I want you to help me to get back in my house.That means help me to pay my house owner and my bills(light and water) which is about 1,000Euro(about 650,000 cfa).Me i still looking for job but,nothing till today.

Moreover,i will give the contact of the security compagny so that they will transfert the tronc box to you in your country.After recIving the box,mum you could take money inside it to do all the necessary for me to come and live in your country.Mum,you know that i put all my hope on you.

I'm faced hell here because whatever i try it fail what do i do to the heaven?Everyday,sadness make me lose my health.

I hope you will do your best to help and mum you will bring me at least a ray of happiness,

GOD blessed you look forward to receive good new from you mum,

i not know thees big words you use many times, can make smaller word to say same thing so I to understand where we do now? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
Dearest mum,

Morning,i hope all is well from your side.I say i need now 1,1000 Euro to pay my house and my bill.After, we could contact the compagny.

Thank you,

I sure you make more big words than el pressidente or el capitaine do and I sayed to you I not understand many big words. I want help you, really do. Can call me and explane? Number is say time when you can call
Unfortunately it seems some of the lads are getting wise to the email domains we baiters tend to use a lot. I won't name them here in case scammers find this page but with this lad I was using one of the more common baiter used mailing addresses. I have found a great way of combatting this, though - as you will now see. He's already said this once above, too. :) This baiter must have done a real number on him..

Hi dearest madam,

Emmott use to write me, i think that you're the same person that's why i ask you to bring me your picture but you still not sent me any photo.I'm very disappointed because this person doesn't regard me as humain been.How can i trust to another who has the same email address like yours?

no of course i do not know this emmott or whoever you say.

do you know these people?

If they send me emailles should i believe they are you as well? just bekause they have like you do?

thes mail es give me free email account friend of mine has it and sent me invite. in case you want know all my businesses.

i not like your level of intelligence and i think you owneng my pology
Dearest mum,

Thank you for your answer and your insult.May GOD blessed you.

I do my best to make myself understood and you are insulting me.
I say i need 1,000 euro to pay my house and my bills of light and water.So, you can send me this money at this adress by western union:

Full name:Konen Pierre
Country :Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire)
City :Abidjan

Please,send me the information i need to collect the money from western union.

I hope now i'm very clear and you could understand me very well,

GOD stay with you despite what you are,


Ouch! That's gotta make you laugh till you fall off your chair.. ;) All I did was tell him he was wrong and I didn't like his level of intelligence, is that like some major insult? Well he ain't seen nothing yet.. :)
Telephone ring before but i not get to phone in time to answer it went machine. Was that you? caller leave message but it was very hard to understand for me.
Dearest mum,

As you can see,i try evrything to show you my honnestly but,you don't mind me even by telephone.

I want to tell you that if you can't help me please let me alone with my problems.I'm tired of game.

Why don't you send me the money? Do you mind what i feel here?
If tomorrow you are not able to send me money do not write againt never in your life.
Help me to live with you,you refuse; bring me money,you don't. (what is this, speaking in Yoda?)

I hope i'm clear if tomorrow,you don't send me money don't write me againt.
GOD who feeds birds will never give up me because i'm better and up birds.
Mind seriously this night,meditate very well about what you're doing to me.

I hope you will do your best or it will be the end.

Pierre (in GOD i trust )

Ok, I will. Can I laugh and meditate at the same time?
ok, i see. Sorry about it, can you call me and speak now? I speak English well, I learn it in a class. My number but only for today while I at work.
Dearest mum,

Right now,i have not money to call you.Do you know that every time i call you i spend 5,00 ?It show personal number.

So,here is my number call me yourself:

Call me to tell me truth what you can do for me or let me alone for ever i'm tired of joke.Whatever you are doing,you should mind that GOD is seen us.


Well, I was hoping it was costing you something to try and call me - that's a part of scam-baiting. I rarely answer the phone these days because the voicemail messages are so funny. Sorry about that.. ;)
I wait your call.
Dearest mum,

Yesterday i told you that i have not money againt to call you.So i beg you to call me back on the number i gave you :.
Unfortunetly you don't call me.Why so? When i had money,i call; now i have not so you call me or let me alone.After you tired me with your unsilt,your unable to call me.Is this your help you are bring to me?

If somebody give me at least 1,000 cfa,i will call you otherwise right now i have nothing even to eat tonight will be very difficult for me.

Now mind very well if you are not capable to call me don't write me to tell me none sense as insult.I'm very prood to suffer if it's GOD will.


Well, someone is sounding a bit snooty these days! And what's this? I have to pay you to call me? I think not, my friend.. :)
Still no call. Why no call
Dearest mum,

You say call me ,call me and when i call you you don't pick it why?right now at 2 to 2 p.m i call don't pick so i leave you a message check it to verify if i lie.They say to let message dial 2 to let fax dial 3.Check and you will see my message but you should call me back not flash or bip me.
i call you on this number: and do you how much i borrow to pay this message i let you?Thank you to play with me.


Well I didn't know I was able to bip you.. :) and I certainly don't want to flash you. We baiters prefer you do the flashing, and send us pics while you're at it.
I no get call. Can please explain here in small letter text what you need me to do now? Make easy for me, ok
Dearest mum,

Check your answering machine i let you message yesterday around 2 to 2 p.m.
I want you to bring me money to have house and what i need is about 1,000 Euro.I can give you a woman who works in western union agency contact so that you can send me what you could have for me please.

Thank you,

Ok you see what you wrote me, that is bit trick to understand for me. Can try again?
Dearest mum,

Do you check your answering machine and you don't here my message sent around 2 to 2 p.m G.M.T?

Do you remember that i told you my house owner send me out because i don't have money to pay him and my light and water bills?

Don't i told you that i beg my street market guards to park my things with them?

Don't i told you that i sleep now in the market? O GOD,how can i lie you in this worse situation am i?How? For what?Don't i told you that i want to live with you and you should do all you best to remove me from here my country?

I'm very very disappointed due to what you are telling me now.So,you want me stay in the market like a road children?

If i say i can give you a woman who works in western union agency contact(name and adress) is because one says to collect money from them,you should have your identity card(i.d) plus your internationale passport.Me i have only i.d not international passport so believing that you will send me money,i beg the woman to receive for me and she says no problem and she give me her contact in case you bring me something.So that it will be very easy to collect whatever you could send me.

How what i say can bring you bit trick to understand?
Mum,if front of GOD face,you know that you won't help me please,please,it is better to tell truth and let me alone because i'm very confused.Sometime,you bring me ray of hope to live and sometime you discourage me a lot.I don't understand please in your reply be clear with your own heart.If you think that helping somebody in need like your child is bad,please forget me.May GOD shine to show you the truth about me,i pray always for that.Why i give you number but you don't call me but you flash only?


This scammer is a prick. I don't like him. I want to make him suffer. And I don't have any kids. I have cats. My cats don't ask me to send them money via Western Union. Swallow the anger. Piss him off by sending something that makes no sense. ;)
I see, sort of like With enough 'ifs' we could put Paris into a bottle. Is this what you meaning
It seems to do the trick nicely. And perhaps if we put Paris into a bottle, she could keep her underwear on? After all those naked crotch shots of Paris, Britney and Lindsay are enough to make anyone ill. I might start sending them to scammers.. :)

Dearest mum,

In my mother tongue one says truth makes eyes red but don't break them.Instead of telling me nonesense tell me you have no means to help me.

You are not honnest at all to me and to GOD.Are you human being? Have you an heart?Do you mind?Do you already see an African orphan situation?What a hell did i do you?

Now,your game is over never contact me again.Why do you still write to me if you don't believe to me.Ok,take a plane and come to see my situation here in Abidjan with all your sense and tell me the contrary.

If you can't come here or can't send me money it is finish,do not contact me again.What must i show you to get confidence in me?

I repeat,see you are not honnest: i call you,let you message on your machine several time but you never try to call me back.You are really devil,bad and what else.One day your conscience will ask you what you did to me.

Don't write me again with those kind of insults; i swear,you will get my death,pierre-death on your conscience for ever and your will pay for that at the last judgement.Even not here but,i'm sure we will meet at the day of last judgement and you will see.

Don't contact me if you can't come here or send me money ok? Finish,have you child?I pray for them because if you die,they will also face the hell despite you are white man and live in u.k don't die but remember that even the rock will disappear.

That is the last,


Is it the last? I think not.. :)
Then I not understanding you, sorry. Please say what you want me to do, clarify
Every day the same things.How many time will i explain explain you?

I say help me to pay my house bill and my water and light bills which are about 1,000 euro.Because since i lost my parents in september 2002 war,i have nobody to help me.I don't know even if i will go to school this year because who will pay for me?School has already started here i can't go because i have not means to pay.I use my time to explain you but,you refuse to help me.Tell me is it because you have not money to help me?

Here before,i look for small job in hollydays to pay my school but now,nothing no job at all due to the crisis.I don't know how to do again.If i hang mylself it will be better because if i die everything will finish.

Here is the clarification you require of me.


Ooh, no dear Mum this time. Perhaps he is annoyed with me? You think? ;)
Ah when you send me the mail I thought you mean something different, like you want me pray for you to do this. But it is ok, I can try to do this if you want
Dearest mum,

Thank you for your understanding.Now you know want you have to know.Thank GOD for that. I hope you will try your best to help me because it's not easy at all for me here.

Please hurry up to send me money for the house and school.Every morning when i see my friends school boys going to school and me not it pains me very much.So,i beg do it as soon possible mum.Please send me what you can have and pray also for me.

Ok so what you need from me? Can I tell my friends and family about this transaction?
Dearest mum,

Right now i repeat it again i would like you to send the 1,000 euro for my house and bills.

If you know by yourself that your friends and family can bring me any support in this my case don't hesitate to tell them about me because i need assistance.

Please tell me why you don't call me back at least to heard my voice? Please,please mum,when will send me this amount?You know that school has already started here so,i beg send me this amount and if possible for to add something to this 1,000 euro i will be very happy.

It not easy for me to look at my friends school boys going to school and me sit please.
I need clear information of my request now not other thing.

Thank you,

Some of these thing you want I already give you, why you need again? Where are the funds?
Dearest mum,

I don't understand you.Since i told you that you should give me your agreement so that you could contact the security compagny to claim the trunk box in order after receiving the box you will withdraw money inside to send me so that i can do all my papers with your help and come to live with you in your country,you don't give me your agreement so i were not able to give you the compagny contacts.

That's the reason i told you send me the 1,000 euro so that i can settle my problems here because you don't give me your agreement how can i give you the security compagny contacts? You see if you contact them since my problems are already solve.I have funds inheritated from my late father but i'm not able to withdraw without help.

You say you already give me some of thing i want: are you sure that you already give me pierre something before? What thing do you already give me if it's not insults since i contact you till today?Can you rise your eyes in the skies and tell me what you already give me?Don't tell me those kinds of words again.What do you already give me?What the hell is that?

If you are not able to send me the 1,000euro or you are not ready to receive the security compagny contacts to tell them that you want them to send you the trunk box in your country,please do not write me again to tell me nonesense.Go back and see me pierre first message just after you tell me it's because you send money to one guy that i contact you.I told you that i never heard about this man and i don't know him at all.Even to show you who am i,i send you my number for you to contact me but you never call me.Do you know how one call people like you?Now i know even GOD knows you're not serious at all i should not trust in you.

If i write today this long letter,you should know that the time is coming to forget you because you show me on all levels that you are not serious.Look at some time you make yourself that you don't speak good english and after you tell me that you speak very well english;even me who are not english i try my best.Who are you to joke with me since long time?You use different names to contact me just to text me and you know yourself now that i'm honnest.

Keep it somewhere,write it somewhere and notice that whatever you do on this earth,you will pay back one day.Never play with orphan life,if you already give me some of thing i want and i lie GOD is above us will judge me if not be sure that it will be you who will pass through his judgment.

Today 1st november i take Jesus Christ as witness and let everything in his hand.GOD bless you for play with me.This night meditate on Roman chapter 12 verse 19.I forgive you if it's GOD wish,let me suffer .Amen


Wow, he seems a little.. wordy. :)
I attach all thing you want to this mail, you get it ok? Tell me, This is all above board, yes?
Where is the attachment ? There is nothing attached .
You not get attachment? I send again with this mail, ok? My great aunt use to say The beautiful is less what one sees than what one dreams.
I have not heard from Pierre in a few days now. Maybe this bait is over. I hope not, he was kinda fun. :)

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