Monday, December 04, 2006

Will the real Charles Soludo please stand up?

Apparently this lad thinks he's the real Charles Soludo, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Seeing that I had said to him (and a few other lads) that I had sent money to Mr. Soludo, this particular lad wants a piece of the action.

Now, you don't think that he's really one of those impostors he speaks of? ;)
Dear Sir,

It is with great indignation and sadness that I inform
you that the so called Pro. Charles Soludo you have
been dealing with is fake and dose not represent this
office in anyway at all. It is a well known fact that
the name Prof. Charles Soludo is the most impersonated
name in the Nigeria by fruaster and other African
countries. We have been doing our best to sincitize
the whole world of the existence of a syndicate that
specilises in defrauding people with the name of
charles Soludo in Nigeria and otherASfrican countries.
Actuall we received a complain recently from some
beneficiaries of this group and their escapedes so we
decided to contact you to let you that you are dealing
with him on your own risk. The Federal Governement of
Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria have been
spending millions of dollars to inform people of other
parts of the world to beware of this group. Perhaps it
is because you don't speak English language as your
first language that you did not hear of this group
however, government are making more plans to expand
the message to other languages soon.

As it is now, there is nothing you can do to recover
your money because government is finding it very
difficult to apprehend this so called Soludo and his
group because of the system the you to perpetrate
there dirty acts. You are therefore adviced the
contact the Secreatry in the Foreign Department on his
email <snip> or his phone number
234-1-8141301 his name is Dr. Steven Eze to give you
more infomation on this matter and to tell you when
you payment shall be effected. You are not even
suppose to spend such an amount of money before you
receive your money as government have waived all those
charges for contractor in your catigory whose payment
have been long overdue. All you aresuppose to do is to
authenticate yourreceiving bank account and the funds
will be transfered as we aresatisfy with your payment
and have received all the necessary approvals to this

As we employ you to use this opportunity of political
stability to invest more ion Nigeria, I on behalf of
the Federal Government apologies for the unfortunate
situation. Because of this, I have directed the
Secreatry of Foreign Operation Dr. Steven Eze to
expidite action on your payment as soon as possible.
It is unfortunate you did not tell me your languge
otherwise, this message would have been interpreted to
you in your languege if it is a language we have
interpreter for.

Thank you.

Professor Charles Soludo,
Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria.

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