Thursday, December 14, 2006

A stone fox!

A little inspired by a bait by Makizzle over on, I decided to make a saucy new character who does not speak much english but knows all the words relating to sexual activities. :) I can't really put what I am saying to the lads here, but let's just say it's X-rated. The lads did not seem to be taking the bait, so I have recently been tempting them with early photos of a quite sexy Heidi Klum. You can't really recognise her, she looks nothing like the current Heidi, they're so old. The results have been somewhat mixed. Many lads like to keep their eye on the main prize, which is the money..

  • i got your mail and pics that you sent, you look very prety and i will like to meet you in person but my problems now is to make sure that the bank transfer the money into your account, if you can help please do. i want to move this money to your account to enable us invest the money and live as one big family. You are just a good looking girl and i will love to love you more, i don't know the reason you dont want to call me, please call me if you are serious to deal with me.
  • What is the pictures about? Are you the one in the pics? The bank is now ready to transfer the money to you. So you need to send your account information and the transfer fee of $3000 dollars. You have to be quick with it. I believe they have sent you the name you will use to pay the money through western union money transfer. Thanks and good luck. I will be waiting to here that the money has been sent to you safely. So make sure you let me know immediately you send the $3000 dollars. Thanks
  • Hmm, this lad seems to think appearance will help him decide - I love you so much ,please send your photo because i dont see any of your photo here before i will decide how to make love with you.
  • Err, I think not, buddy! - I saw your mail, have you sent me the money do so immediately and also provide me with the password of your email address so as to enable me upload my picture in it
  • How are you today? infact all the photos are very nice i like that but i want to assured you that i will offer you more than that photo when we meet face to face ok. please did you see the information of the diplomat i told you about that want to help us secured the documents? please i will apreicate if you can send the money to him in Spain via western union money transfer system before friday this week please, so we can get this concluded.
  • thanks, what i mean is this,i have a cheque in the amount of $850,000 which my director instructed me to send to you,i know this was why you contacted me in the first place ok. now i want to send the cheque to you so that you will cash it from your bank and since then i told you to give me your house address where i will send it to. and i told you that i will need the deliverying fee from you that is what i mean by the question you asked. on the other hand you mentioned ,you are very rich and you wanted to love me,that is ok,but i wanted you to receive this cheque first ,and after that i will come over to your country and spend as much time as you wanted me to spend with you,if possible marry you .
  • I saw your picture you are a beautiful woman.
  • It is not your failt,God knows why all this happen to me that is why you are saying all solt of insultive words to me,only GOD will take control of my situation and i know becuase he lives i can face tomorrow
  • I am willing to give my best to you but the most important thing now is for you to visit the security house and have the consignment cleared, then we will talk of how you and I will meet to share our love together in such a lovely way that the you will always remember. Expecting to hear from you soon and you readniess to meet the security house
  • I have seen your photos but i want you to understand that this is not a joke therefore if you are truely interested please try to be very committed and open so that we can carry out this transaction without delay.
  • Straight to the point, this lad - DO YOU WANT TO FUCK
  • Thanks for your response.Your last response to me was not nice.Well are these really your photos?Then i must say you are a pretty lady.I only asked for your help to distribute my wealth to charity organisation since i am sick as my doctor told me that i only have a few time to leave.If you will help me then i await your response.I will like you to please send me your contact details like tel/moblie number,address and country of resident. Once again you are very pretty lady.
  • This lad equates love with getting scammed - Which country are you from? it seems that you don't understand my writing english, i want to see you in person, how old are you? what is your occupation? Can you love me and help me? i want to transfer my late father's money into account in your country.

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