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Friday, August 28, 2015

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Butterfly Guy

You may have heard about this bait from various newspaper articles recently.

This was one of the very first baits I tried, and I think every baiter has a go at the church bait. So, without further ado.. The Narudeen Al-Islam Society meets The Church of the Sacred Butterfly. There is some audio that goes with this bait, and it is kinda funny stuff, in the context of the bait.. :) This bait ran for some time - it began on the 16th of November 2004 and ran till the 21st of March 2005 - but the Chief still calls from time to time, I think he still thinks the money is there and he can get it eventually.. ;)

Emails from Narudeen are in this colour text. Emails from Sister Anukah are in this colour text. Narratives are in this colour.

HQ Address:
22 Mathew Street,
Agege, lagos State,
Tel: 234-1-9720626, 2348052413800
Dear breathen In Islam,
Asalamaleikum, we are here by directed to inform you that our society tagged NAISFAT of Nigeria, kindly request your aid assistance for NAISFAT Mosque and Arabic Trainning centre ultra Modern building fund, which will Insha _ Allah take place on Saturday 11 December 2004 at Asalatu playing ground by 9 a.m prompty Islamic time.
Again, we are sure through Allah Subuana Watahala and your support donations, it shall be an August one. Special invitation of the day The President of Rep of Nigeria : His excellency General Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo, The Vice Preseint Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu the Lagos State Governor, Alhaji Abdulahi Akinbode, Cheif Mission Nasfat Alhaji Mudir Sheik, Baba Adini of Nigeria Alhaji Iyanda Folawiyo CFO, Sheik W. Adam Ilori MORICAS, Her excelency Alhaja Titi Abubakar, Alhaji Arishekola Alao, Alhaji Adeginte, Alhaja Bolajoko Kadri, Alhaja Abibat Mogaji Iya Adini of Nigeria.
Quran 1 vs 11: Oh ye who believe shall guide you to a commerce that will save you from a pinful chastisenant? It's you that believe In Allah and His messenger and strive in the cause of Allah with your belonging and your person, that is the better for you. Did you but know.
Quran 2 vs 21, The case of those who spend their wealth in the cause of Allah is like that of a grain of coins, which grows seven ears, and in each ear there are 100 grains. Allah multiplies it even more for whom so ever he pleases.Allah is Lord of vast bountry, giver never lack, all known. It is also said that in the month Ramadam it is good to give out to needys as in FISEBILILAHI.Please, we beg for helps and donations from NGO, Government, Priavte
Sector, Populace, Missionaries e.t.c. nothing is small.
May Allah reward you abundantly
For: more enqiries Please contact us Above address.
Yoiurs faithfully
Chief Mission
Fadilak Sheik Suleiman B.S

And so we're off, the Sheik has made this mistake of emailing a scambaiter! Character Sister Anukah gets back to him.

My thanks for your very interesting email. I would dearly love to help you however my ministry forbids me from entering any business deal with partners who are not part of our faith. I am sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you. If you ever decide to join our faith then of course I could help you both with my experience and financial support. Our church is very helpful to many Christians the world over - and I have travelled to many locations - in Africa, in South America, in Australia and to Europe as a part of our worldwide ministry. I wish you well in your endeavour my sister in Christ. Blessings, Sister Anukah Boneham Financial Development - Holy Church of The Sacred Butterfly. PO Box 2226 San Diego CA 92192 Phone - Fax :

So a quick lesson about church scambaiting - you need to give them a reason to convert to your religion. The general idea with this kind of bait is that there is some procedure they must go through in order to be a member of your church and be sent the money. The signature block at the bottom of Sister Anukah's emails is always the same so I won't bother putting that in here again.

We show our sincere appreciation to you and your organisation for at least showing responses and concerned to our request. Though , Islamically and according to Quran chapter (Surat Mariam) i.e about Mary (Mother Of Jesus) and Jesus Christ, we Muslim believe that God says we should believe HIM (God) and all the Prophets i.e Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Adam, Prophet Muhammed e.t.c. So, we are all one in the presence of God according to the five pillars of Islam. We surely believes in Christ. That is why we send our request to people of God, that we know has God fearing and also help the work the God financially, spiritually. We can equally link up Muslim programme with your organisation in order to proclaimed Love,unity and peace here on earth and thereafter. We look forward to hear from you soon. God bless. Chief Mission Fadilak Sheik Suleiman B.S

What's the B.S supposed to mean? I can think of a few things it could mean.. ;) male cow dung perhaps?

Dear Fellow Friends of Religion, Bless you for your prompt reply and may the lord God almighty send you many blessings (Amen). My friend, it is true that all Christians are one before God, but I can only trust those of my faith. It is quite easy to join my faith and I now discuss the procedure if you would like to do business with me. Of course you will have to prove your commitment to our ministry. This will require you to send us a photograph of yourself showing part of the commitment ceremony that we will require (this is very simple), and you will also have to sign our Order of The Sacred Butterfly induction agreement form. The agreement form is very simple to fill out. If you are in agreement to our terms above, please signify it to us as soon as possible and I shall arrange to give you the complete instructions for the photograph and agreement form. As soon as you have been inducted to our order then we can proceed with your business proposition immediately. We would also send you some money to assist you in the propogation of our religion in your area. $200,000 is the usual amount we send to inductees in areas where we do not already have a church. If you wish to discuss the options via telephone, you are most welcome to call me on the below number. Blessings, Sister Anukah Boneham The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

$200,000! I reckon he would do just about anything for $200,000, right? :) He certainly seems excited in his next email to Sister Anukah.

Dear Sister in Christ, Assalamaleikum Waramotulahi Wabarakatuhu Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you and your ministry. We quite received your reply and we are grateful. Meanwhile, our religion does not forbid anything in relating with God's work accordance. Though we have discussed on our round table to God Almighty and we are ready to join your ministry to fulfill and work together as one religion partnership as God's fearing one. It's quite obvious that generatiion of Islam and Christianity came out from Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) who refers to as father all nations.He had wives and two sons, named Isaac and Ismail that translated to Christianity and Muslim. God said in the Holy Quran and Holy Bible that help those that cries for help in his name and that we should help His work. Moreso, Our amis and objectives is to follow the right propagation law of Allah saying in the Holy Quran thatseek for help from him, I shall send his own kind of generous fearing ones to help. and abundant blessing shall rewarded back to the giver. Bible say givers never lack. We are not doing this as a means of BUSINESS not for the sake of transacting, but we are asking for help. We are Islamic scholar that move our motive beyond Islamic religion and equally have our strategies to care, love , hope , faith , peace and unity in relating both religions together as Christ is in Islam. However, we wish with your ministry's support, we will attained to the greatest expectation. Please help us and join the train of God fearing one that donate financially and materially. To our surprise, we just collected a gift from a body tagged Hectares of land etc. as we want to be transparancy and trustworthy, we shall give the analysis of all account we received or collected in our store. Special thanks and appreciation would be sent to those that show concern to us. As noted in your last mail about joining your ministry, what are the conditions,requirements and discussed procedure but not business. How do you want our commitment, please explain vividly. Do you want the cheif mission's photograph or group photograph? How do we sign your order of the Sacred Butterfly Induction agreement (form). Please send the complete instructions for the photograph and agreement form. Massalam. Chief Mission Fadilak Sheik Suleiman B.S

And the hook is firmly set in the Sheik's cheek. Now let's reel him in..

Dear Chief Mission, In reply to your questions - 1. If the group wishes to join our church, we would need them each to send their own form and photograph but you can do the photograph as a group if required. 2. The form is attached, and you simply print it out. Below are the complete instructions you requested, as well as more info about our church, and the most frequently asked questions. 1) Why is there an induction procedure? We have some induction procedures, like almost every church in the world today. Some churches require the baptism. Sister Maykbe, our founder, was terrified of the water, she never swam in her life and only took sponge baths, she would not get into a bath or shower. This is why she chose to use the painting on of the butterfly as the induction, rather than dunking people in possibly acidic water from the acid rain. 2) This money you want to send me what is it for? It is for the propogation of our ministry into your backyard. You have many butterflies in your country who do not yet know that they are able to fly. We have been doing a lot of work in many countries over the world, but as yet have not been able to establish an excellent ministry in your area. One reason for this is many churches focus on Africa as a place that needs their help, whereas we saw there was a great need in the Balkans and Serbia. Our churches in those areas are massive. In fact, most people in Serbia are a part of our church, 80% of the population. We have done very well in those countries but we recognise other countries need us to, and we are seeking people all over the world now to establish what we would call "satellite" churches from which we can launch butterflies into surrounding areas. 3) Why the name Butterfly? Butterflies come in many different shapes, colours, and species. Just like humans. The major reason it was chosen is that Sister Maykbe had a religious experience with a butterfly once, and also because she saw them as a symbol of beauty and greatness upon the Earth. Also, there are many things you can do with the butterfly for Church activities - the possibilities are endless. 4) What does this Church believe. Too many things to type in one email. Basically that God created the earth, that Butterflies are actually souls waiting for the coming of the Lord and that we are all good but can be tempted by the serpents. I can expand further on this subject if you wish, but I will leave it here for now and give you some general background as well as how to take the photographs. I will send the photographs and further instructions in other email as this came back to me as not fitting into your box when I sent it all together originally. Blessings, Sister Anukah Boneham The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

And you can skip over this next large chunk of text if you want, it's just background info on the church. I'm sure the scammers eyes glazed over when he saw it, and he didn't read it either! ;) However I am a great fan of the bit in this color.

Our ministry was founded in 1947 by a wonderful lady by the name of Sister Bernice Maykbe (I have attached a photograph of her for your records). She spent many of her preaching years in Africa, spreading the holy gospel amongst the local people there. She was the first person male or female to promote Christian texts and beliefs to the Masai warrior tribe. The most famous account is when as a test she had to remove the top part of her clothes and paint the top half of her body and chest with the red Masai warpaint as a gesture of faith and belief to them so that they would accept her and trust her. She was almost immediately accepted by them and was one of the most trusted westerners known at that time. In her later years she returned to America and started her own ministry Holy Church of The Order of The Sacred Butterfly and was very active until her sad death in 2001. As a qualification to enter the Holy Church of The Order of Sacred Butterfly, all followers must go through the initiation procedure that Miss Maykbe made so famous. She decided to combine the two cultures in one simple ceremony - the body painting of the butterfly. Of course in these modern times, members do not have to paint their breast. They only need to make the symbol on their faces. My fellow Christians, this is what you will need to do in order to complete the church induction ceremony: You must paint the symbols of our church upon your face. So that you know exactly how the symbol must look, I have attached a photograph of four of our young inductees going through the procedure. Please use this picture to enable you to make the same marking on yourself. You may be as creative as you like, use whatever colors you feel speak your feelings about our religion. You can draw the butterfly in any of the ways shown in the photographs. If you are not an artist, this is ok, the Lord appreciates even the untalented, and will look upon your efforts with pleasure. If you use glitter, the Lord will bless you in many ways, including a once off payment from the Mariah Carey Glitter fund of $2000, sent to you as soon as we receive the photo! Mariah is a famous member of our church, anxious to promote the use of Glitter around the world. Next you will need to have a HIGH QUALITY photograph taken and sent it to us by email attachment. Once your photograph has been received we will then forward you the induction certificate. All this requires is your name and signature. Once you have signed and dated it, please send it back to me by email attachment. We then send you the Church Identity Card, which enables you entry to any of our churches. After that you will then be a full member of our beloved ministry and as well as being able to do business with you we can also offer financial help to you in the future if you ever need it. Our church is committed to helping any members in whatever way is possible. If you ever need money for charitable purposes, then you just need to contact us and quote your member number and we can arrange payments to you within 24 hours. We have many famous members of our church who are very generous with their financial donations, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton and several Fortune 500 CEO's. I look forward to welcoming you into our membership my fellow Christians. Blessings, Sister Anukah Boneham The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

Also the photos which were sent with the email -

Dear Sister Anukah Boneham, Thanks so much for the accurate information about the induction and the attached registration form. We are making you to understand that we've understood everything therein and we will make sure everything is done in a normal way of the ministries rules and regulation and also finalised to be part of your ministries here in Nigeria. This would also be a fantastic and a thing of respect in the community, that your ministries will come through us in Nigeria. Sister Anukah. We are drawing your attention back to our request on the lunching ceremony which weis approaching on 11th December 2004. We will like you to know that this event has been scheduled and alot of prominent people has been invited to present in this actual said event "LUNCHING CEREMONY OF $ 500,000 ULTRAL MODERN BUILDING MOSQUE AND ARABIC TRAINNING CENTRE". As you know that this event can never be withdraw anymore. So now what will be your contribution financially for now in the area of the lunchung ceremony to be possible by D-day comes 11th December, 2004. We want this event to be an august one. So let see your quota of contribution to this event. We are assuring you that we would in be partnership by God grace with you (Insha- Allah) .We are so sorry for late reply. We will like to hear from you as soon as possible. We will appraciate your responses. Regards, Chief Mission Fadilak Sheik Suleiman B.S

Ah, bargaining and negotiation. Send us some money first, then we'll do what you want. Nice try, but no way. :)

Dear Chief Mission, As I have mentioned to you before, I can do nothing for you until we receive the forms and the pictures of you with the butterflies on your faces. How about this? If you can get us 10 new members - all with the forms and the butterfly painting with glitter as I have mentioned before to you, we will be happy to send to you the spare left over monies from our Mariah Carey Glitterani evening. We raised over $1 million that night, and so far have only spent $250,000 of it on expenses, so you would get $750,000 towards your cause. Mariah is the only member of our church who chose to wear the butterflies on her chest. I suppose when you are blessed by the lord as she is, you should make the most of it to gain new converts to the church. And it was a very successful fundraising evening. I enclose a picture of Mariah, from that evening, for your information. Please get back to me soonest if you would like the money for I will put it aside as going to you if you think you can become the members by that time. I hope the Lord is blessing you in many ways today! Sister Anukah Boneham The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

This was an incredible find, and I found it after I started this bait too, how fortunate!

Dear Sister Anukah ,

We are grateful for the reply of yours to our last email.

what are the consequencies of the picture afterward?

How are you going to wire the money to us?

We ready to send the picture but let us know the consequency.
You can also get intouch with us through our Telephone number as follows: 2348052413800.

we shall be grateful to hear from you soon

Yours faithfully

Chief Mission

Hmm, how to explain the consequencies? ;) Well, you'll never get any money, and I'll get a good laugh, as well as a lot of other people! But Sister Anukah is an impatient woman..

> Dear Sister Anukah ,
> We are grateful for the reply of yours to our last email.
> what are the consequencies of the picture afterward?
The consequencies are very simple. You send me the photo, and I take them and make the church ID card with the picture for you. Then, you will be a full member of our church - as long as we have the forms for each member as well.
> How are you going to wire the money to us?
I have a contact at Western Union who is able to arrange this. Normally they would not allow transfers this large, but we are able to do it on behalf of our church, and have sent many millions around the world this way. You will need to specify a location (ie branch) where you are able to pick up the money, and it can be done.
> We ready to send the picture but let us know the consequency.
> You can also get intouch with us through our Telephone number as follows: 2348052413800.
The church is very rich, but we do not spend money on international phone calls. You are welcome to call me if you desire. I am ready to receive your call. Blessings, Sister Anukah Boneham The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

Dear Sisiter Anukah,

Sorry for late reply it was due to lunching of the programme schedule we are dangling up and down to make it a successful d day. We are also grateful for your and in appraciation to meet up your demand immediately.
We are using this medium to let you know that we have make an arrangement on how to send the completed form and the picture to you and your ministry.
But we will like to make a request that we would only send the form at first and receive some part of the money to be assure of the trustworthy in the Lord, and Immiediately we receive the money we will send the full picture which will show our image and also display the diagram of the Holy Order Of The Sacred Butterfly.
We hope to see your reply Immediately and our completed form will be fax to you lastest this week. And we shall send the picture immidiately we receive your reply on our request.
Moreover, do you want passport photograph or full picture Photograph , Indicate?
We equally wish to launch the ministry of THE HOLY ORDER OF THE SACRED BUTTERFLY here in Nigeria as a new branch which will be well known and acquire the Higher Integrity, Loyalty, Caring, Peace, Love and Unity which the SACRED BUTTERFLY will be carry on the symbol.
Thanks and God bless.

You're kidding! You don't trust Sister Anukah that she's going to send the money? She's a Nun, for crying out loud! Well, again nice try but it's not going to fly..

Dear Chief, I am very sorry, I must follow the rules of the Church, you would understand being a part of the Church organisation yourself, that things must be done by the rules. So I apologise but if you cannot provide the photographs I cannot send the money. Full picture photographs are the best, so I can work with the image and cut the bits that I need for the photograph. I deeply apologise for the inconvenience, and we hope to have you as members of our church very soon. Blessings, Sister Anukah Boneham The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

She's clearly starting to get a little.. annoyed.. perhaps.. ;)

Dear Sister Anukah, Thanks so much for your reply and we are making it known to you that we accurately understood everything therein attached. We would like to ask more questions on this particular dialog/ negotiation; kindly explain briefly on how to receive actual amount been named at the begining of the discussion to date i;e $200,000, $2,000 for picture and then $750,000 you said for the cause. in what amount would be ours after sending the completed form and the picture? please expantiate further. For how long would it take before receiving the said money after the completed form and picture ?specify. Are you sure that nothing negative would not happen after this or anything like spiritual accident to us to the picture we are going to send to you to God Almighty and Jesus Christ of Nazarreth. Please promise! We equally like to meet you in person and also like to first receive your full personal picture to see your high and well kindness, goodness, generous, caring and God fearing types you are. We will \highly appreciate to meet you and your member later in person by your invitation to the ministry. We look forward to hear from you soonest. your Regards, Chief Mission Fadilak Sheik Sulaiman B.S

Spiritual accidents? This is not a Satanic ritual. :) It's just a bit of face painting. But Sheik I am sure spiritual accidents are coming to you as a surprise as a result of you trying to scam people out of money. Sister Anukah can't help you with that.. ;)

Dear Chief Mission,
All very valid questions, however some of them you have asked previously. I am beginning to doubt your commitment to our ministry. Perhaps you have too much on your plate already with your own church. There are other people from your country sending me emails to my inbox every day, many of whom I have sent the forms and instructions to, and perhaps one of them is better equipped to handle the ministry and the money.

I will reply to them in the order and to make sure I do not miss any out I will leave your text here too. But let it be known the first prospective member to send me the completed forms and the photographs will receive the $750,000 that I have put aside for you at this time.

> We would like to ask more questions on this particular dialog/ negotiation; kindly explain briefly on how to receive actual amount been named at the begining of the discussion to date i;e $200,000, $2,000 for picture and then $750,000 you said for the cause. in what amount would be ours after sending the completed form and the picture? please expantiate further.

Ok. It is really very simple. If you want to start up a branch of our church in your area, we send the $200,000 for the ministry. The $2,000 for the picture is *only* if you use Glitter, as part of the Mariah Carey Glitter Fund. Normally there is no money for sending the picture but Mariah is anxious to promote the use of Glitter all over the world as a member of our church, and it fits in well with our Butterfly theme.

> For how long would it take before receiving the said money after the completed form and picture ?specify.

It depends on how you would like me to send it. I am able to, as I mentioned, send it through Western Union, and have done this before for other members of the church. It would be broken down into amounts of $50,000 and sent to a bank that you specify, where it would have been pre-arranged by Western Union. As soon as you can name a branch with address, I can start those wheels in motion.

> Are you sure that nothing negative would not happen after this or anything like spiritual accident to us to the picture we are going to send to you to God Almighty and Jesus Christ of Nazarreth. Please promise!

What do you mean, my child? I do not understand why you think anything negative would happen? It is not like I am asking you to join a cult, or something. I am not asking you to sacrifice animals or dance around naked in some bizzare cleansing ceremony.

> We equally like to meet you in person and also like to first receive your full personal picture to see your high and well kindness, goodness, generous, caring and God fearing types you are.

I do not have a current picture handy to send, it is on the ministry laptop, which has gone on retreat this week. I should have gone with it, but I have too many prospective members trying to join the church, so it was decided best for me to stay here.
I hope this answers your questions. Please hurry and decide if you want to join, as I have several people from your area who have already sent me the forms.
Sister Anukah Boneham
The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

Dear Sister Anukah, Thanks so much for your reply and we appraciate your kind gusture so far. We are using this medium to let you know we are here to be honest and do everything to please the ministry of yours also becoming your full member of the ministry. As what you said in the last mail, we are saying that you should have no doubt about us because we need to know everything perfectly before we can finalise our committment to the ministry. So if there is any wrong statement made by us please forgive and forget for God sake. We using this opportunity to tell you that the completed form and picture is on the way to your email and by fax directly. We are looking forward to hear from you again if there is any additional instruction made, you might alart us. forget not to send your personal picture to us and we are committeed to handle and contribute quota to develop your ministry here in Nigeria. Blessed you in the Lord. Cheif Mission, Sheik Sulaiman S.B

I did get a fax, but that's lost now. :( Sorry about that. But never mind, now we have liftoff!

sorry for the delay.
I attached the picture here and i believe you might have received the completed form been fax to you and the last note i sent yesterday.
I look forwards to hear from soon.

Wow, a picture trophy already and we don't even have the forms yet. This is a little back to front. So the rule of scambaiting - when the lad sends you what you've been asking for, shut up! Say nothing for at least a week. And that's what Sister Anukah does. But the scammer keeps in touch -

24 hours later -
Dear Sister Anukah, Greetings to you in the Name oif Almighty Lord. How is the ministry out there, hope good. Its quite a time now I have not recieved your mail, hope nothing wrong, though in respect of the completed form i fax to you and the full scanned picture photograph. I want to know if really you recieved it. Please let me know. I called you about some minutes ago (Nigerian time 7.45pm) and I left a message on the answering machine for you. I wait to hear from you . Wishing you compliment of the season. The Chief mission, Fadilak Shiek Sulaimon B.S 2348052413800

So he gives me a call. I'm not American, by the way. I don't know how that accent thing happens. It just does. :) And I fill him in on what is wrong with the photos. Can you guess what is wrong with them? Well, he's NOT SMILING! 2 days after the above email from Butterfly Guy-

Dear Sister Anukah, Compliment of the season. Infact, it was a surprised mood that you received my form, phone and picture as requested which I fulfilled but I heard no respond from you, hope nothing wrong, let me know if there anything. Though if it was your last message that you made mentioned about "doubting of mind" please erased this and I'm quite interested in your ministry work and being I want to be a member and fulfill my obligation towards the achievement and the committement of the ministry here in Nigeria. I and my group have our plans and strategies to use in canvasing and to promote , and contribute our man power, quota to the development and success of the Holy order sacred butterfly ministry . even if you are negotiating with anybody in my country let me be an intermidiary between you and them. How ever, I'm about sending the group photograph and another my personal which indicate butterfly on our face as mentioned ealier. Forgive and forget about doubt of mind I'm God fearing type. why I surendered to you since you said it involve no curtism, so that is why I agreed to be full mmeber of Sacred butterfly mwhich prompt me to meet up with the requirement. Kindly , for Christ sake reply me. Merry Christ mas in advance and God bless you

Well of course he's god-fearing, and he should be considering he is a criminal. :) He calls again, then 5 days after the above email from Butterfly Guy he sends this -

Dear Sister Anukah, Compliment of the season to you out there and how is the ministries? I am mailling you to let you know that I'm such a serious minded and went over to resend the scanned completed forms and the new picture through email and why sending it this is message that was given by the root of your email : Undeliverable Address: Original Message Size: 709800* (bytes) Maximum Message Size: 512000 (bytes) Reason: The email you sent to the address specified above has been returned because it is larger than the limit placed by the account owner. The account owner may increase the limit * Note: Most email software encode attachments using methods that can increase the original size. For highly compressed binary data (such as image files), the encoding process can increase attachment size by more than 30%. This size increase occurs before the email enters the mail system, and is not in our control System Contact: I would like to hear how again you can help me to make this scanned forms and picture to enter your email in order to do the processing of it with the elders in the ministries. If it is possible to send me your fax number that is personal fax number it is ok by me as well. Becuase last time that I told you that I faxthe completed forms before and you make me to known that you did not received it. I would be highly grateful to hear from you. Thanks Sheik Fadilak Sulaiman B. S

Sister Anukah finally breaks her silence but she does not say much!

You will need to break them up and send one at a time.
Sister Anukah Boneham
The Holy Order of the Sacred Butterfly

He calls when he is having the photos taken. I have to explain what glitter is! And now the forms and the second lot of photos arrive!

But the pics are the icing on the cake. I have made these a little smaller than they came to me, they were huge! I have also put close ups of the face here in the original size I got them. Note the close resemblance to the image on the forms, the artist is very good!

I think he is trying to smile, it is just the paint is too thick! :)

Sheik, are you able to give me a number to contact you on? Preferably a landline? I need to speak with you.
Sister Anukah Boneham

Dear Sister,
Compliment , due to technical fault in Nigerian Nitel maintenance Office there was a problem with my landland for now, i would prefer to give u another direct mobile phone number which will intact effeftive communication.

Concerning your lenght and breadth measurement of your dress wear (Our Tradinational culture wear) which I promised you . Woud you send down the measurement and also the size of your shop . I want to dress you a beautiful angel which colleague will be impressed and equally thank God for meeting me whenever you coming to Nigeria nor I'm coming to United State for an visitation.
Remember, my birthday is 25th December, what is the processing or what next now?
Merry Chritmas and God bless you.

Yours Faithfully,

Fadilak Sheik Sulaiman B.S

Sister Anukah shuts up, again :) And she gets another lovely pic!

Dear Sister Anukah
Happy yale time and compliment of the season. Inrespective of the new picture you asked of me about the smiley on phone is done. I wish this should be okay for now and to proof my membership with the ID-card. Let me know the next step and processing of everything now.
During my conversation on the phone, the last question I asked you about which of money comes first , it's $2000 first the picture, $ 200,000 for inductee then $750,000 for Maria Carey quiltter fund, Explain to me ?
I have an idea about what you aske me on my account number, to make easier I can receive from you $4000 to $5000 which I can use to open an account here in Nigeria and it would make it easier for both side instead of western union money transfer. What i mean is this send me the picture fund via western union immediate also the text question and other question asked in the form filled.
Moreso, I have started convasing people a bit about the ministry which they are summisive to me, though I've not know your ministry mind maybe I should go ahead stretegies because I study marketing in one of the Nigerian University with my experience I market for the ministry in the Lord as well which would make us attain the greatest height in Nigeria for theministry development .
It's my nice time talking to you on phone . bless you. If I'm wealthy i would be butterfly that is my prayer everyday
looking forward to hear from you soonest.
happy new year in advance

Finally he's smiling! Mariah Carey, a quiltter? Hmm, I can't see it myself, she looks like she'd rather be doing something much more pr0nographic!


Instead, he calls Sister Anukah. And then there's a small Tsunami.

Dear Sister Anukah ,
Happy New year to you and the ministry. My Condolence message to the lost victim's families of the affected ones in the flooded incident. Though I equally have some Nigerian victims too that were affected I always remember them all in prayer for their soul rest in perfect peace on the right hand of the Almighty God.
What plans do you have for their families that were affected and what message so far do you have for the lost families? My programme and my plan so far is to establish good and intact relationship both here Nigeria and there in oversee. Already I have won many heart souls been preach too and converrted for the Holy order of the sacred butterfly but since i have not receive go ahead decision or support ideal from you I cannot anything now ( A tree can not make a forest) . I'm a graduate with Marketing experience wise which I can use my profession for God and the Ministry to turn alot of people to worship in the ministry in Nigeria. I have my skill to attain and achieve the aims and object for a ministry. Though we have alot of miniustries projects here in Nigeria, i.e Latter Rain Assembly, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Winners/Canal Land Ministry, Synagogue Church, Deeper Life ministry and also Christ Embassy which we can beat them all and also take them as a case study for any
project we want to establish on.
Now Let me ask you Sister, I continue calling on my mobile cell phone and I don't why the delay on handling the cash and you made mentioned of modalities on how to receive the money but still I continue checking my box no response but why? Remember about the Invitation Letter to United State Embassy I asked you on phone. Have you treated the picture with the elders to know if I'm qualify as a member and with my I D Card you said ealier to prove my membership. Let me know what is up.
I hope to hear a good reply from you soon. I wait to hear from you soon.
My regards and warmed greeting to the elders and the congragation and the ministry as well. May God continue to bless and be with everyone of us Amen.

Shiek Fadilak Suleiman .B .S

I am sorry my child, I have been very ill, they have diagnosed me with pulmonary odema. I am in discussions with Father Francis about continuing to work for the church. Please bear with me in this sad time.
Sister Anukah Boneham

Dear Sister Anukah, Compliment of the season to you again this year. I hope you are now getting more heal than ever before. I really care and worried I lost contact with you for a while because I mail and called you, on phone until i hear that you were sicked through a lady called Glacia your clearer as she said. I hope she delivered my condolence healing message. I pray that May Almighy God give you more energy and strenghten your power and also be with you to live longer so that we can see in peace afterward. I don't want to miss you now.
Sister Anukah I wish to ask about the picture I sent to you, if they've accept it and approve it as well as proving my membership also Id card. The last we discussed on phone She talked about modalities that would be send to my email box, her personal picture, measurement of the dress lenght, size of the shoe also Invitation to Nigerian Embassy to United State of America. Please you can equally call me on my 2348052413800. I wish I should speak with but time does not permit as my committed and I wish you should speak with Brother Francis on this issue because Iam make a lot of solid arrangement with me. A sticth in time save nine. as proverb says. I wish you fast recovery and God bless you.
I equally remmeber you in prayer always and also the affected victims of the flood incident families.
I wish to hear from you as soon as positive.

I thought this was the end of the bait. I got what I wanted, and he got no money and was thinking Sister Anukah was ill. However, on the 18/03, almost two months since he last emailed me, he called and then sent this email

Hi Sister Anukah,
Quite a long time , infact I was amazed to had been talking with you on phone, though I was too happy to have been spoken with you again. Also I thought in my mind that you are not more concerned ot interested in our relationship anymore but since i could speak with you and you said I should mail you then thank God. Could I ask you this question, I want to know according to the instruction within the form have you treated the form and the picture because I had no reply anymore from the ministry which I sent everything about the requirement. Moreso let me know on which level to go now, are we still in the round table discussions on how to establish the ministry through us in Nigeria? (Yes or No). Already in addition I have too much pupils which I canvarse and converted for the ministry but don't me shame as in coward. you know this is God work we should not joke with it and if we can meet up with it there is reward from God Mighty. Assuming with the little i have financially and I
can see somebody to supportme I would have love to establish and invite you to see the master plan because I am a graduate professionally a Marketer with experience wise with my strategies I can get everything I want in a market or to convince my clients, which I would use for God's work. So let make a move and promptly.
I felt your illness but with God I can do suprisingly to help as in having your good health in good shape I have some remedies medication for you. If you agree for me to send my medication medicine you will appreciate using it and thank God having good health back. I can finance myself to send the medicine to you I just go ahead from you. I belt you a trial would confuse you.
How far you've discusse with brother Francis concerning my issue?
Have I qualify as member, also have you treated my picture and aplication form?
Let me see your personal picture and your dressing mesurement, I have a suprised package for you whicn you would love and laugh.
You made mentioned about the modalities on how to recieve the money transaction and invitation letter?
Are you sure, you are current my mail again because before Immediately I sent you mail you replied but I don;'t know now you delay? Let me know if anything wrong apart from health condition? I'm worried! but no shame on me.
Let me see your reply or you call me and let me know everything or anything you need from me. I miss you and God bless you . More grace to your elbow in Jesus name Amen.
Let me know everything about yourself, being at home or hospital I wish to know generally.
I wish to care for you for God sake.
My regards to everybody in the ministry including FATHER FRANCIS.
For me to be convince that there is still a intact relation ship among us reply me or phone me immediately you read this mail. I will responsible for the payment of the phone... 2348052413800

I never heard from him again after this. He's vanished. ;) Off to scam others, no doubt.
If you'd like to know more about scambaiting please visit and if you want to give it a try yourself, sign up as a member there and ask for a mentor.

Ok then!

Reading through today's mails, this badly spelt one caught my eye..


Dear Sir,
You said that i am a chat you.

Well ok then! ;) I'll keep writing till I get me a death threat.. :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A stone fox!

A little inspired by a bait by Makizzle over on, I decided to make a saucy new character who does not speak much english but knows all the words relating to sexual activities. :) I can't really put what I am saying to the lads here, but let's just say it's X-rated. The lads did not seem to be taking the bait, so I have recently been tempting them with early photos of a quite sexy Heidi Klum. You can't really recognise her, she looks nothing like the current Heidi, they're so old. The results have been somewhat mixed. Many lads like to keep their eye on the main prize, which is the money..

  • i got your mail and pics that you sent, you look very prety and i will like to meet you in person but my problems now is to make sure that the bank transfer the money into your account, if you can help please do. i want to move this money to your account to enable us invest the money and live as one big family. You are just a good looking girl and i will love to love you more, i don't know the reason you dont want to call me, please call me if you are serious to deal with me.
  • What is the pictures about? Are you the one in the pics? The bank is now ready to transfer the money to you. So you need to send your account information and the transfer fee of $3000 dollars. You have to be quick with it. I believe they have sent you the name you will use to pay the money through western union money transfer. Thanks and good luck. I will be waiting to here that the money has been sent to you safely. So make sure you let me know immediately you send the $3000 dollars. Thanks
  • Hmm, this lad seems to think appearance will help him decide - I love you so much ,please send your photo because i dont see any of your photo here before i will decide how to make love with you.
  • Err, I think not, buddy! - I saw your mail, have you sent me the money do so immediately and also provide me with the password of your email address so as to enable me upload my picture in it
  • How are you today? infact all the photos are very nice i like that but i want to assured you that i will offer you more than that photo when we meet face to face ok. please did you see the information of the diplomat i told you about that want to help us secured the documents? please i will apreicate if you can send the money to him in Spain via western union money transfer system before friday this week please, so we can get this concluded.
  • thanks, what i mean is this,i have a cheque in the amount of $850,000 which my director instructed me to send to you,i know this was why you contacted me in the first place ok. now i want to send the cheque to you so that you will cash it from your bank and since then i told you to give me your house address where i will send it to. and i told you that i will need the deliverying fee from you that is what i mean by the question you asked. on the other hand you mentioned ,you are very rich and you wanted to love me,that is ok,but i wanted you to receive this cheque first ,and after that i will come over to your country and spend as much time as you wanted me to spend with you,if possible marry you .
  • I saw your picture you are a beautiful woman.
  • It is not your failt,God knows why all this happen to me that is why you are saying all solt of insultive words to me,only GOD will take control of my situation and i know becuase he lives i can face tomorrow
  • I am willing to give my best to you but the most important thing now is for you to visit the security house and have the consignment cleared, then we will talk of how you and I will meet to share our love together in such a lovely way that the you will always remember. Expecting to hear from you soon and you readniess to meet the security house
  • I have seen your photos but i want you to understand that this is not a joke therefore if you are truely interested please try to be very committed and open so that we can carry out this transaction without delay.
  • Straight to the point, this lad - DO YOU WANT TO FUCK
  • Thanks for your response.Your last response to me was not nice.Well are these really your photos?Then i must say you are a pretty lady.I only asked for your help to distribute my wealth to charity organisation since i am sick as my doctor told me that i only have a few time to leave.If you will help me then i await your response.I will like you to please send me your contact details like tel/moblie number,address and country of resident. Once again you are very pretty lady.
  • This lad equates love with getting scammed - Which country are you from? it seems that you don't understand my writing english, i want to see you in person, how old are you? what is your occupation? Can you love me and help me? i want to transfer my late father's money into account in your country.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Sorry you guys, I may not be available for Christmas parties and celebrations this year, it seems I am to be arrested.. ;)

3rd December, 2006

Reg Order No:SH234581282










Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why do I suspect this Rev is lying to me? ;)




Monday, December 04, 2006

Will the real Charles Soludo please stand up?

Apparently this lad thinks he's the real Charles Soludo, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Seeing that I had said to him (and a few other lads) that I had sent money to Mr. Soludo, this particular lad wants a piece of the action.

Now, you don't think that he's really one of those impostors he speaks of? ;)
Dear Sir,

It is with great indignation and sadness that I inform
you that the so called Pro. Charles Soludo you have
been dealing with is fake and dose not represent this
office in anyway at all. It is a well known fact that
the name Prof. Charles Soludo is the most impersonated
name in the Nigeria by fruaster and other African
countries. We have been doing our best to sincitize
the whole world of the existence of a syndicate that
specilises in defrauding people with the name of
charles Soludo in Nigeria and otherASfrican countries.
Actuall we received a complain recently from some
beneficiaries of this group and their escapedes so we
decided to contact you to let you that you are dealing
with him on your own risk. The Federal Governement of
Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria have been
spending millions of dollars to inform people of other
parts of the world to beware of this group. Perhaps it
is because you don't speak English language as your
first language that you did not hear of this group
however, government are making more plans to expand
the message to other languages soon.

As it is now, there is nothing you can do to recover
your money because government is finding it very
difficult to apprehend this so called Soludo and his
group because of the system the you to perpetrate
there dirty acts. You are therefore adviced the
contact the Secreatry in the Foreign Department on his
email <snip> or his phone number
234-1-8141301 his name is Dr. Steven Eze to give you
more infomation on this matter and to tell you when
you payment shall be effected. You are not even
suppose to spend such an amount of money before you
receive your money as government have waived all those
charges for contractor in your catigory whose payment
have been long overdue. All you aresuppose to do is to
authenticate yourreceiving bank account and the funds
will be transfered as we aresatisfy with your payment
and have received all the necessary approvals to this

As we employ you to use this opportunity of political
stability to invest more ion Nigeria, I on behalf of
the Federal Government apologies for the unfortunate
situation. Because of this, I have directed the
Secreatry of Foreign Operation Dr. Steven Eze to
expidite action on your payment as soon as possible.
It is unfortunate you did not tell me your languge
otherwise, this message would have been interpreted to
you in your languege if it is a language we have
interpreter for.

Thank you.

Professor Charles Soludo,
Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leave me alone!

I just saw this in one of my inboxes. After 15 emails, the scammer is saying this.. it's making me fall off my chair laughing.. ;)

Please i dont want further mails from you anylonger or else i will report you to the INTERPOL.I advise you stay away from me for your own Good.when i say interpol you know what i mean right

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Believe, you must..






Friday, December 01, 2006

A bit of a bait..

This is a lad who is getting quite frustrated with me.. ;) I can't imagine why! Can you suggest what I might be doing wrong? I will post a bit of our discussion here. My text will be this color, and the scammers text will be this color. I'll indent my text, too.

I would love to help you?

I already pay US5,400 fees to Charles Soludo this why you contact me yes or no?

English is not my first language, sorry.

I'm sorry but i don't know Charles Soludo.
We are from Ivory Coast we never know Charles soludo.We(me and my sister) are french speaker but,we learnt english in the past english and spanish at school.Please help us.Here is our number please call us so that you could know that we are in Ivory Coast(cote d'ivoire).S'il vous plait,ici nous parlons le fran├žais.

Thank you very much,

Looking forward heard you very soon,

ok, it sound good. now what? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
Hi dearest madam Helling,

I thank you for your knid reply.May GOD blessed you and your family.

In fact,if i don't write you back it dues to what i told you.A person named Emmott use to write me.So i think that you're the same person that's why i ask you to bring me your picture but untill now,nothing.I'm very disappointed because this person doesn't regard me as humain been.How can i trust to another who has the same email address like yours?
You see,it not easy for me instead of tell me truth,he still insult me,tell me none sense.

So mum,if you're ready to help me bring me your picture before to see you serious because i'm faced hell here and i will send you mine and also give you the contacts of the compagny so that you could call them to see what you should do to help me.
I want to quitt this my country which seing the political situation as myself has not future.
I'm orphan,African orphan situation is too different from yours.

As soon as you receive this message,do what i ask you to show your heart.Do you remember what you told me before in your last response sent to me?Please mum,be honnest i tell me true are you the same Emmott or not? Everything we're doing,we should know that GOD is above and watcth us.

Have a good day and i espect you will write me back very soon,

ok what is mean by this " knid reply.May GOD blessed you and your family. In fact,if i don't write you back it dues to what i told you.A person named Emmott use to write me.So i think that you're the same person that's why i ask you to bring me your pict" please explain what this mean?
Dearest madam,

Since i receive your first reply,different persons starting by miles,emmott ...write me back.Some insult me at moment and diseappear.So,i think you are the same person :

I said you that i'm never heard about Charles soludo,i do not know him and i give you a number in what
you could call me to verify.You don't call me ,you don't write me untill now and i was very very discouraged. Madam,today my house owner sent me away because i don't pay him his money and ligth and water bils(about 1000 Euro about 700.000francs cfa) and i'm oblige to wander to live because no job ,no parent at all.Now,i live in the market with the market guards.

Mum if,you are not the same persons,i'm very sorry but it is because after your first reply those persons contact me.I'm not also english speaker i speak french.
Mum,please i beg you try to see what you can do for me because i'm alone and my parents love miss me.

GOD keep you in safe,looking forward to heard you,

probably i can do, ja? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
Dearest madam,

I would like to know what you can efford to do for me now.

Thank you very much and GOD bless you.

SO WHAT I NEED DO NOW? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
I have no idea why I keep telling him I can't speaka da French ;) But I'm trying to say as little as possible, so I figure why not.

Dearest mum,

I want you to help me to get back in my house.That means help me to pay my house owner and my bills(light and water) which is about 1,000Euro(about 650,000 cfa).Me i still looking for job but,nothing till today.

Moreover,i will give the contact of the security compagny so that they will transfert the tronc box to you in your country.After recIving the box,mum you could take money inside it to do all the necessary for me to come and live in your country.Mum,you know that i put all my hope on you.

I'm faced hell here because whatever i try it fail what do i do to the heaven?Everyday,sadness make me lose my health.

I hope you will do your best to help and mum you will bring me at least a ray of happiness,

GOD blessed you look forward to receive good new from you mum,

i not know thees big words you use many times, can make smaller word to say same thing so I to understand where we do now? No, I not French, I not speak ze francais.
Dearest mum,

Morning,i hope all is well from your side.I say i need now 1,1000 Euro to pay my house and my bill.After, we could contact the compagny.

Thank you,

I sure you make more big words than el pressidente or el capitaine do and I sayed to you I not understand many big words. I want help you, really do. Can call me and explane? Number is say time when you can call
Unfortunately it seems some of the lads are getting wise to the email domains we baiters tend to use a lot. I won't name them here in case scammers find this page but with this lad I was using one of the more common baiter used mailing addresses. I have found a great way of combatting this, though - as you will now see. He's already said this once above, too. :) This baiter must have done a real number on him..

Hi dearest madam,

Emmott use to write me, i think that you're the same person that's why i ask you to bring me your picture but you still not sent me any photo.I'm very disappointed because this person doesn't regard me as humain been.How can i trust to another who has the same email address like yours?

no of course i do not know this emmott or whoever you say.

do you know these people?

If they send me emailles should i believe they are you as well? just bekause they have like you do?

thes mail es give me free email account friend of mine has it and sent me invite. in case you want know all my businesses.

i not like your level of intelligence and i think you owneng my pology
Dearest mum,

Thank you for your answer and your insult.May GOD blessed you.

I do my best to make myself understood and you are insulting me.
I say i need 1,000 euro to pay my house and my bills of light and water.So, you can send me this money at this adress by western union:

Full name:Konen Pierre
Country :Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire)
City :Abidjan

Please,send me the information i need to collect the money from western union.

I hope now i'm very clear and you could understand me very well,

GOD stay with you despite what you are,


Ouch! That's gotta make you laugh till you fall off your chair.. ;) All I did was tell him he was wrong and I didn't like his level of intelligence, is that like some major insult? Well he ain't seen nothing yet.. :)
Telephone ring before but i not get to phone in time to answer it went machine. Was that you? caller leave message but it was very hard to understand for me.
Dearest mum,

As you can see,i try evrything to show you my honnestly but,you don't mind me even by telephone.

I want to tell you that if you can't help me please let me alone with my problems.I'm tired of game.

Why don't you send me the money? Do you mind what i feel here?
If tomorrow you are not able to send me money do not write againt never in your life.
Help me to live with you,you refuse; bring me money,you don't. (what is this, speaking in Yoda?)

I hope i'm clear if tomorrow,you don't send me money don't write me againt.
GOD who feeds birds will never give up me because i'm better and up birds.
Mind seriously this night,meditate very well about what you're doing to me.

I hope you will do your best or it will be the end.

Pierre (in GOD i trust )

Ok, I will. Can I laugh and meditate at the same time?
ok, i see. Sorry about it, can you call me and speak now? I speak English well, I learn it in a class. My number but only for today while I at work.
Dearest mum,

Right now,i have not money to call you.Do you know that every time i call you i spend 5,00 ?It show personal number.

So,here is my number call me yourself:

Call me to tell me truth what you can do for me or let me alone for ever i'm tired of joke.Whatever you are doing,you should mind that GOD is seen us.


Well, I was hoping it was costing you something to try and call me - that's a part of scam-baiting. I rarely answer the phone these days because the voicemail messages are so funny. Sorry about that.. ;)
I wait your call.
Dearest mum,

Yesterday i told you that i have not money againt to call you.So i beg you to call me back on the number i gave you :.
Unfortunetly you don't call me.Why so? When i had money,i call; now i have not so you call me or let me alone.After you tired me with your unsilt,your unable to call me.Is this your help you are bring to me?

If somebody give me at least 1,000 cfa,i will call you otherwise right now i have nothing even to eat tonight will be very difficult for me.

Now mind very well if you are not capable to call me don't write me to tell me none sense as insult.I'm very prood to suffer if it's GOD will.


Well, someone is sounding a bit snooty these days! And what's this? I have to pay you to call me? I think not, my friend.. :)
Still no call. Why no call
Dearest mum,

You say call me ,call me and when i call you you don't pick it why?right now at 2 to 2 p.m i call don't pick so i leave you a message check it to verify if i lie.They say to let message dial 2 to let fax dial 3.Check and you will see my message but you should call me back not flash or bip me.
i call you on this number: and do you how much i borrow to pay this message i let you?Thank you to play with me.


Well I didn't know I was able to bip you.. :) and I certainly don't want to flash you. We baiters prefer you do the flashing, and send us pics while you're at it.
I no get call. Can please explain here in small letter text what you need me to do now? Make easy for me, ok
Dearest mum,

Check your answering machine i let you message yesterday around 2 to 2 p.m.
I want you to bring me money to have house and what i need is about 1,000 Euro.I can give you a woman who works in western union agency contact so that you can send me what you could have for me please.

Thank you,

Ok you see what you wrote me, that is bit trick to understand for me. Can try again?
Dearest mum,

Do you check your answering machine and you don't here my message sent around 2 to 2 p.m G.M.T?

Do you remember that i told you my house owner send me out because i don't have money to pay him and my light and water bills?

Don't i told you that i beg my street market guards to park my things with them?

Don't i told you that i sleep now in the market? O GOD,how can i lie you in this worse situation am i?How? For what?Don't i told you that i want to live with you and you should do all you best to remove me from here my country?

I'm very very disappointed due to what you are telling me now.So,you want me stay in the market like a road children?

If i say i can give you a woman who works in western union agency contact(name and adress) is because one says to collect money from them,you should have your identity card(i.d) plus your internationale passport.Me i have only i.d not international passport so believing that you will send me money,i beg the woman to receive for me and she says no problem and she give me her contact in case you bring me something.So that it will be very easy to collect whatever you could send me.

How what i say can bring you bit trick to understand?
Mum,if front of GOD face,you know that you won't help me please,please,it is better to tell truth and let me alone because i'm very confused.Sometime,you bring me ray of hope to live and sometime you discourage me a lot.I don't understand please in your reply be clear with your own heart.If you think that helping somebody in need like your child is bad,please forget me.May GOD shine to show you the truth about me,i pray always for that.Why i give you number but you don't call me but you flash only?


This scammer is a prick. I don't like him. I want to make him suffer. And I don't have any kids. I have cats. My cats don't ask me to send them money via Western Union. Swallow the anger. Piss him off by sending something that makes no sense. ;)
I see, sort of like With enough 'ifs' we could put Paris into a bottle. Is this what you meaning
It seems to do the trick nicely. And perhaps if we put Paris into a bottle, she could keep her underwear on? After all those naked crotch shots of Paris, Britney and Lindsay are enough to make anyone ill. I might start sending them to scammers.. :)

Dearest mum,

In my mother tongue one says truth makes eyes red but don't break them.Instead of telling me nonesense tell me you have no means to help me.

You are not honnest at all to me and to GOD.Are you human being? Have you an heart?Do you mind?Do you already see an African orphan situation?What a hell did i do you?

Now,your game is over never contact me again.Why do you still write to me if you don't believe to me.Ok,take a plane and come to see my situation here in Abidjan with all your sense and tell me the contrary.

If you can't come here or can't send me money it is finish,do not contact me again.What must i show you to get confidence in me?

I repeat,see you are not honnest: i call you,let you message on your machine several time but you never try to call me back.You are really devil,bad and what else.One day your conscience will ask you what you did to me.

Don't write me again with those kind of insults; i swear,you will get my death,pierre-death on your conscience for ever and your will pay for that at the last judgement.Even not here but,i'm sure we will meet at the day of last judgement and you will see.

Don't contact me if you can't come here or send me money ok? Finish,have you child?I pray for them because if you die,they will also face the hell despite you are white man and live in u.k don't die but remember that even the rock will disappear.

That is the last,


Is it the last? I think not.. :)
Then I not understanding you, sorry. Please say what you want me to do, clarify
Every day the same things.How many time will i explain explain you?

I say help me to pay my house bill and my water and light bills which are about 1,000 euro.Because since i lost my parents in september 2002 war,i have nobody to help me.I don't know even if i will go to school this year because who will pay for me?School has already started here i can't go because i have not means to pay.I use my time to explain you but,you refuse to help me.Tell me is it because you have not money to help me?

Here before,i look for small job in hollydays to pay my school but now,nothing no job at all due to the crisis.I don't know how to do again.If i hang mylself it will be better because if i die everything will finish.

Here is the clarification you require of me.


Ooh, no dear Mum this time. Perhaps he is annoyed with me? You think? ;)
Ah when you send me the mail I thought you mean something different, like you want me pray for you to do this. But it is ok, I can try to do this if you want
Dearest mum,

Thank you for your understanding.Now you know want you have to know.Thank GOD for that. I hope you will try your best to help me because it's not easy at all for me here.

Please hurry up to send me money for the house and school.Every morning when i see my friends school boys going to school and me not it pains me very much.So,i beg do it as soon possible mum.Please send me what you can have and pray also for me.

Ok so what you need from me? Can I tell my friends and family about this transaction?
Dearest mum,

Right now i repeat it again i would like you to send the 1,000 euro for my house and bills.

If you know by yourself that your friends and family can bring me any support in this my case don't hesitate to tell them about me because i need assistance.

Please tell me why you don't call me back at least to heard my voice? Please,please mum,when will send me this amount?You know that school has already started here so,i beg send me this amount and if possible for to add something to this 1,000 euro i will be very happy.

It not easy for me to look at my friends school boys going to school and me sit please.
I need clear information of my request now not other thing.

Thank you,

Some of these thing you want I already give you, why you need again? Where are the funds?
Dearest mum,

I don't understand you.Since i told you that you should give me your agreement so that you could contact the security compagny to claim the trunk box in order after receiving the box you will withdraw money inside to send me so that i can do all my papers with your help and come to live with you in your country,you don't give me your agreement so i were not able to give you the compagny contacts.

That's the reason i told you send me the 1,000 euro so that i can settle my problems here because you don't give me your agreement how can i give you the security compagny contacts? You see if you contact them since my problems are already solve.I have funds inheritated from my late father but i'm not able to withdraw without help.

You say you already give me some of thing i want: are you sure that you already give me pierre something before? What thing do you already give me if it's not insults since i contact you till today?Can you rise your eyes in the skies and tell me what you already give me?Don't tell me those kinds of words again.What do you already give me?What the hell is that?

If you are not able to send me the 1,000euro or you are not ready to receive the security compagny contacts to tell them that you want them to send you the trunk box in your country,please do not write me again to tell me nonesense.Go back and see me pierre first message just after you tell me it's because you send money to one guy that i contact you.I told you that i never heard about this man and i don't know him at all.Even to show you who am i,i send you my number for you to contact me but you never call me.Do you know how one call people like you?Now i know even GOD knows you're not serious at all i should not trust in you.

If i write today this long letter,you should know that the time is coming to forget you because you show me on all levels that you are not serious.Look at some time you make yourself that you don't speak good english and after you tell me that you speak very well english;even me who are not english i try my best.Who are you to joke with me since long time?You use different names to contact me just to text me and you know yourself now that i'm honnest.

Keep it somewhere,write it somewhere and notice that whatever you do on this earth,you will pay back one day.Never play with orphan life,if you already give me some of thing i want and i lie GOD is above us will judge me if not be sure that it will be you who will pass through his judgment.

Today 1st november i take Jesus Christ as witness and let everything in his hand.GOD bless you for play with me.This night meditate on Roman chapter 12 verse 19.I forgive you if it's GOD wish,let me suffer .Amen


Wow, he seems a little.. wordy. :)
I attach all thing you want to this mail, you get it ok? Tell me, This is all above board, yes?
Where is the attachment ? There is nothing attached .
You not get attachment? I send again with this mail, ok? My great aunt use to say The beautiful is less what one sees than what one dreams.
I have not heard from Pierre in a few days now. Maybe this bait is over. I hope not, he was kinda fun. :)